The EMC Planning Group Team

Our team of planning professionals are the core of EMC Planning Group. We draw upon individual and collective experience to ensure that our client's dreams are a success.

Michael J. Groves, AICP - Senior Principal

Cris Staedler, AICP - Senior Principal

Teri Wissler Adam - Senior Principal

Richard James, AICP, MUP - Principal

Ron Sissem, MRP - Principal

Martin Carver, AICP, Principal

Sally Rideout, EMPA - Principal Planner

Polaris Kinison Brown, MS - Principal Planner

Janet Walther, MS - Principal Biologist

Gail Bellenger, MA, RPA - Registered Professional Archaeologist / Biologist

Andrea Edwards - Senior Biologist

Patrick Furtado, MS - Associate Biologist

Elizabeth King - Senior Planner/Designer

Rachel Hawkins, JD - Associate Planner

Stuart Poulter, AICP, MCRP - Associate Planner

Shoshana Wangerin - Assistant Planner

Taylor Hawkins - Assistant Planner

Inger Marie Laursen - Associate Biologist

E. J. Kim - Marketing Director/Desktop Publishing Specialist

Tiffany Robinson - Human Resources/Administrative Assistant

Susan Groves-Ameil - Administrative Assistant