Sand City Vibrancy Plan 

EMC Planning Group is undertaking a multi-year Vibrancy Study for the City of Sand City’s West End and South of Tioga districts. The goal is to implement the General Plan’s vision of a vibrant pedestrian-friendly area with housing, restaurants, and entertainment, in addition to the arts community and the many service businesses that already exist in the districts. The Vibrancy Study will include a vitalization strategy that presents approaches for promoting new business, enhancing the visual character of the area, and attracting residents and visitors to shopping and dining opportunities. City Council will establish a prioritization schedule for key long-term elements, although many of the strategies can be implemented on an ongoing basis. Chapters of the Vibrancy Plan address land use; economic development; affordability and displacement; circulation and parking; streetscape and aesthetics; and attracting visitors and business. Public outreach has included attendance at the City’s West End Celebration and at the City’s annual birthday BBQ; a design workshop attracted 10 percent of the city’s residents.

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Sand City
Vibrancy Plan