Monterey General Plan Update Program EIR,
City of Monterey

EMC Planning Group prepared a program-level EIR for the City of Monterey’s general plan update. This EIR provides a program-level assessment of the general environmental impacts resulting from the development of land uses and implementation of policies contained in the General Plan Update.

The General Plan Update is a comprehensive, long-term plan for physical development of the City for the next 20 years. As a blueprint for development, the General Plan Update plays a major role in defining the character of the City of Monterey. A range of existing redevelopment plans, residential neighborhood plans, commercial area plans, and coastal plans also guide development in the city.

The EIR evaluated three alternative scenarios for future development. The first was a baseline market rate growth. The second included larger areas located south of Highway 1 (especially the 134-acre “Old Capitol” site located south of the Del Monte Shopping Center) as the focus for new development. The third was a Mixed-Use Neighborhood scenario. The City of Monterey had selected the latter as the preferred development approach alternative. The main variable in consideration of alternatives was how and where best to locate new housing needed to meet the City’s future housing requirements.

The City of Monterey is faced with the following major environmental challenges: limited availability of domestic water supply, significant cultural (archaeological and historic) resources, sensitive aquatic and terrestrial habitats, significant visual resources, and seasonal traffic and transportation issues.