Creekbridge II, Salinas Wetland Delineation

EMC Planning Group conducted a formal wetland delineation of Gabilan and Natividad Creeks for a project in Salinas, Monterey County. Mapping and report documentation followed the guidance contained in the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual (Department of the Army Environmental Laboratory 1987). Data points and boundaries were recorded during the field investigation using a GPS receiver with sub-meter accuracy and mapped on a two-foot resolution aerial photograph. The areas of potential jurisdictional wetlands, extent of potential jurisdictional waters, and extent of riparian vegetation were calculated using ArcGIS software. Based on the field survey data, no wetlands were identified within the project boundary. The total length of potential jurisdictional waters of the U.S. within the project boundary is 15,205 linear feet for a total of 14.9 acres. The delineation was subsequently submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers for verification, and after a site visit with the Corps representative, the jurisdictional determination was granted with no changes requested of the original delineation document.