San Juan Bautista Housing Element 

EMC Planning Group prepared the City of San Juan Bautista 6th cycle housing element update in compliance with all of the statutory requirements for housing elements, including public participation and adequate environmental review. The update process consists of a community outreach program; consultation with the Department of Housing and Community Development, obtaining data from appropriate sources; mapping and quantifying appropriate housing sites; and establishing policies, programs, and quantified objectives to guide the City’s housing development. 

The housing element update will accommodate the RHNA established by the San Benito Council of Governments in the context of the City’s general plan land use designations and growth management ordinance. Department of Housing and Community Development staff will review the draft housing element and our team will make the recommended revisions prior to the City’s adoption. The housing element will be submitted to Department of Housing and Community Development for certification after City adoption.

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San Juan Bautista
Housing Element