Moss Landing 300 MW Battery Energy Storage System (Phase I)

EMC Planning Group assisted Vistra Energy Corporation with the coastal development permit application process to install and operate a 300 MW battery energy storage system at the Moss Landing Power Plant in the community of Moss Landing, which is located in unincorporated Monterey County. The “Vistra Zero Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility”, which was installed and operational in December 2020, consists of 200,000 battery modules for energy storage located in an existing power plant building, a power conversion system consisting of 200 inverter and transformer groups, and a substation that transforms the energy voltage between the conversion and transmission systems.

EMC Planning Group prepared the application package, which included the existing setting, site history, application forms, a set of plans, an amendment to the site master plan, a construction management plan, technical reports (water supply assessment, archaeological report, traffic analysis, noise analysis report), documentation requested through consultation with various County departments and other agencies, environmental analysis documentation to assist the County with California Environmental Quality Act compliance, and an analysis of the project’s consistency with applicable policies in the Monterey County General Plan and the North Monterey County Local Coastal Program.