While planning for success, EMC Planning Group has been recognized for a number of project achievements. The following are selected awards we have received for our leadership and project involvement.

Salinas Economic Development Element

EMC Planning Group, in coordination with Salinas Planning and Research Corporation and the City of Salinas, prepared an economic development element for integration into the City’s general plan. EMC Planning Group led a team of interdisciplinary consultants including economic development, public outreach, and urban design specialists. The primary components of the process included economic development visioning, an extensive public outreach effort, analysis of existing and future development market conditions, evaluation of opportunities and constraints (planning, policy, natural resources, environmental), preparation of an economic development vision map, and preparation of the economic development element. The economic development vision focuses on safety, jobs, and health. The economic development strategy will guide the City’s future economic development efforts and land use decisions, with the end goal of promoting business retention and creation, generating employment opportunities, facilitating workforce development, and enhancing quality of life for the City’s residents.

  • Outstanding Planning Document
    Association of Environmental Professionals (2016)
  • Economic Planning and Development Award of Excellence
    American Planning Association - Northern Section (2015)
  • Economic Planning and Development Award of Merit
    American Planning Association California (2015)

Camp Pico Blanco Scout Reservation Conservation Plan

To improve long-term environmental stewardship at the camp, EMC Planning Group, in coordination with the Boy Scouts of America - Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Area Council developed the adaptive management plan. It will evolve over time with input from the newly formed Council Conservation Committee. Action item categories include: forest management, watershed management and steelhead protection, sensitive species protection, nature education, scientific research, and recreational use management.

  • Outstanding Environmental Resource Document Award
    Association of Environmental Professionals (2015)
  • Innovation in Green Community Planning Award of Excellence
    American Planning Association - Northern California Chapter (2014)

Fort Ord Reuse Plan Reassessment

EMC Planning Group received the American Planning Association, Northern California Section Best Practice in Planning Award of Merit for its work on the Fort Ord Reuse Plan Reassessment. The award recognizes projects that best demonstrate significant advancements to specific elements of planning and demonstrates how innovative planning methods and practices helped to implement a plan. The purpose of the Fort Ord Reuse Plan Reassessment was to review the status of the 1997 Fort Ord Reuse Plan. A scoping process and report were completed that focused on the implementation status of the Reuse Plan and on key issues that have arisen during the implementation process to date.

Fort Ord Reuse Plan and Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
The Fort Ord Reuse Plan and EIR received the American Planning Association's 1997 National Outstanding Planning Award for Comprehensive Planning in a Small Jurisdiction.

The Fort Ord Reuse Plan and EIR was prepared by EMC Planning Group in conjunction with EDAW, Inc. and is considered a precendent-setting base reuse plan. Former President Clinton used the reuse plan effort as a model for other base closures around the United States.

City of Gonzales Downtown Revitalization Plan
In August 2000, EMC Planning Group was presented with the American Planning Association’s Northern California Chapter Merit Award for our work on the City of Gonzales Downtown Revitalization Plan. EMC Planning Group, in association with Applied Development Economics, prepared the urban design plan and design guidelines as part of an overall revitalization plan intended to enhance and preserve the historic character of Gonzales’ Downtown District.

Business Excellence Award

In 2002, the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce presented EMC Planning Group with the “Business Excellence Award” in the category of Professional/Business Service (Under 50 Employees).